Tbilisi Adventure

After attending Tbilisi Fashion Week I can finally confirm that everything you ever heard about Georgian hospitality is very much true. The red wine was floating, the chachapuri (warm cheese pastry I had a lot of) was as delicious as I imagined and the warm welcome I received from my stylish local hosts will not be forgotten for a while. When the most used words during this fashion week were “don’t worry” no wonder this was the most relaxed and friendly fashion week I ever attended. Tbilisi fashion week and its founder ex model Tako CHKHEIDZE set a goal of proving the world that Georgian fashion has what it takes to make it in the global luxury market and with a mix of established and more young & up coming local designers they proved that Georgia is very much prepared for the next era in fashion yet have no intentions of forgetting their esthetic and such strong roots they are so proud about. This post will sum up what I experienced on this colorful trip to Tbilisi and that includes the city views, the hot spots I went to and of course: The Fashion!

I am not going to bore you with touristic information about this town but rather give you a valuable tip I wish someone told me before I headed there. Crossing roads in Tbilisi is a very rock and roll experience, why? Because there are simply no pedestrian crossings & in order to cross the road you will just have to take a deep breath and pray you’ll survive on your way to the other side. And now enjoy the pretty pictures of the city.

Irma Sharikadze’s dreamy presentation was one of the highlights for me here. The Georgian photographer, artist and one of Tbilisi’s most flamboyant dressers presented her Freda Kahlo inspired capsule collection in a magical space 30 minutes ride from the city center in a location so charming it could even melt Anna Wintour’s heart. The dramatic scene of floaty floral printed dresses blowing in the wind along with Irma’s dreamy performance in this eclectic location will remain a memorable moment of Tbilisi Fashion Week. Another designer who caught my attention was George Keburia’s at his parking lot show. George’s collection had the right balance between what the cool girls want to wear and what could be sold as a luxury brand. The fact it was presented in a very graphically contrasted parking lot of a mall made it one of my favorite visual moments of the week.

Rooms Hotel in Tbilisi is one of those hotels that are changing the face of a city, that one place every “cool” person flock to, the one-stop place you want to stay in because there’s always some kind of creative action and buzz going on. Rooms Hotel is the beating heart of Tbilisi’s fashion and creative scene, it functions as the perfect assembly point for young professionals who want to chill, eat drink instagram every single corner and meet like minded individuals.

As you can tell my week was full of fashionable adventures, the list of talented designers, cool stores and fun places to visit is all yours to keep shall you decide to make Tbilisi your next destination!


Mariam Gvasalia – Address: 2 Borjomi Str.
MACH & MACH – Address: 47a Paliashvili Str
DALOOD – Address: Kostava 23 Str
Lako Bukia Store – Address: 39 A Paliashvili Str.
Materiel Tbilisi – Address Kote Apkazli 22 Str


Linville – Address: Kote Afkhazi St, Tbilisi, Georgia
Funicular Restaurant Address: Mtatsminda Plateau
Faetoni – Digomi, Beliashvili str.

El Centro – Address: Bambis Rigi (Cinema Square)
Purpur Gudiashvili Garden – Address: Abo Tbileli st N1

Must visit:
Gardenia Shevardnadze – Khudadovi street

Thank you team Tbilisi Fashion week, Ministry of Tourism of Georgia!
Photos: Ekaterina Light. photos of me by: Kristi Veliaj.
Wearing: Sample nude dress, letter dress by Match & Match, floral dress and bag by Liron Itzhakov

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