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No, you are not mistaken to think that Sabine Ghanem really has it all, she is elegant, charming graceful and has an impeccable taste but she is also very hard working and determined. Sabine started her jewelry brand two years ago and in such short time she managed to steal the hearts of all the best buyers in the world, today her fine jewelry are stocked in the most exclusive shops and boutiques around the world and she has just launched a special collection for Bergdoff Goodman in New York. Her wardrobe will make every girl in the world green with envy, with pieces from Chanel, Charlotte Olympia and a collection of vintage gowns she is one girl you going to be inspired by.

Tell us how you started?

Well, I never had the passion to do jewelry design it happened slowly. I lived in New York for many years, I studied media and communication then tried my luck in acting. Off course I always loved fashion and jewelry (what girl doesn’t!) so I started a jewelry design course in GIA and still wasn’t sure where this will go. After I finished my course I tried to find a job in the field but it was very difficult, the fine jewelry world is very strict so I decided to start designing for myself, just as a practice and as I was wearing my own designs I got incredible feedback and my friends and family friends all wanted to buy my jewelry, but my big break was when my jewelry was purchased by Maxfield, it all took off since then, now I stock in 15 stores world wide and on Moda Operandi online.

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Tell me about your personal style.

My personal style is without a doubt sophisticated, even when I wear a jeans and a swather, my nails and my hair is always done and I wear my jewelry so it makes every simple outfit into a classic one. I love to mix classic clothes with modern and fun accessories like Charlotte Olympia shoes. I love vintage as well, I have beautiful pieces that will never go out of style, in the evening I can go a little over the top I like to dress up for an occasion. I love structured and tailored clothes for the day time.

What are your favorite accessory designers?

For shoes I love Manolo Blahnik the shoes are always so sexy and effortless, I love Prada and CHANEL flats they are very comfortable, for bags I love Olympia La ten, wearing her bags gives every outfit a humorous edge, I have about 6 of her bags and all my other bags seem so boring next to them! For jewelry I love vintage cartier and van cleef I love old fine jewelry.

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Tell me about your work process when you design jewelry? What are your inspirations?

It can start with one image, I don’t have a strategy when I design, I like to mix inspirations from different eras, my first collection was based on a medieval shapes and the collection for Bergdoff Goodman is based on an art deco motifs and 60’s  colors but my process is very selfish, I think always design what I want to wear but luckily other people like it as well.

What’s next for your brand? What is your dream? I would love to open a boutique in NY or in London, I would love to design for the theatre or the opera, (I love the opera and once wanted to become an opera singer!)

I would love to expand my brand and have a bigger team and to design for people I admire  and inspired by.

Published ELLE Russia April 2014 issue.

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