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Location: Nammos Restaurant
Photos by: Liya Geldman
Clothes by: Bibi Bachtadze, Equipment, Tod’s, Miu Miu, Prada, Venna all at
Helga Design
Jewelry by: Hot Crown, Dizengoff 209 Tel aviv
Nails by: Yalis Tel Aviv, Dizengoff 112 Tel Aviv

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What if I told you that only a 20 minute ride from the city will take you to a sun kissed marina, a quick uber drive and you could be feeling the breeze in your hair while sipping on bubbly Moet champagne and nibbling on the freshest sushi combination this county has seen, this is exactly what I did last week when I went for lunch at Nammos.

Nammos is my ultimate escape zone, located on the port of Herzelia right on the beautiful yacht harbor. The restaurant is specializing in sea food (duh!!) and is best known for its selection of sushi, of course in order to be objective I had to try all of them, you can trust me on this one, they are good!

You should start with the classic crispy water cress and chestnut salad, the tempura fried shrimp and finish with the hot churros and a sip of foamy espresso, in between the starters, the mains and the deserts get light headed with some more champagne, relax and enjoy the view of the yachts float by.

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Bon appetite, from yours truly, Foodie Roza!

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