Lisbon Fashion Week

Where I am: Lisbon Fashion Week – Moda Lisboa
All Photos by: Miguel Schmitt

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My love affair with Lisbon started as soon as I walked out from the airport last November when attending a large web summit that took place in the Portuguese capital. Portugal is without a doubt is a magical country, with breathtaking views, exquisite food and wine, extremely friendly locals, handsome stylish men. All that and it has the cheapest cost of living in Europe. So as you can tell, life here is pretty charming. Portugal is most known for its high quality shoe making a lot of the major fashion brands are in fact making majority of the sewing and leatherwear here, so no wonder that the local fashion industry here is very stable. The people who live here are naturally and effortlessly elegant, friendly and generous and the fashion here is calm, easy going and practical, a toned down Italian style I would say. Lisbon fashion Week presented 15 of its established and young designers, I was extremely fascinated how the nature and architecture of such colorful town will translate in the collections shown.

Ricardo Andresz presented a cool and sporty collection mixed transparent oversized pink plastic coats, with chunky knits and Pinstripe suits. A combination of Hoodies, nylon dresses and white Shirts made this a very dynamic and fun collection.

This was what I was waiting for here, a collection that combines the local craft elements and creating new and dramatic shapes. This Tribal & colorful collection took place in a modern art museum, a contrasted  backdrop to the traditional Knitwear Handcrafted Blankets, masks, carpets with a South American feel. The oversized floral coat was one of the wow moments of the week.

Filipe Faisca is one of portugal’s favorite designers. He has a very loyal base of customers who love a feminine, colorful and flirty look. This collection was all about Sport and 70’s with a lot of Metallics, colorful big wool coats Sexy feminine 70’s inspired Silk dresses warn with wool coats

“I wanted to make something that has No specific time – I wanted this collection to be timeless, something you could have warn 10 years ago and you can wear in 10 years from now I made it for my customers who are cool and elegant and could wear this anywhere”. Filipe Faisca.

The subject of substantial fashion came across a few times during Lisbon Fashion Week, even a global clothes swap event took place near by along with a few lectures by specialists on the subject.
One of the shows that played with the idea of recycled fashion was Dino-Alves who presented a collection that was full of Layering, recycled and army elements and some trendy Slogan t shirts that said: “prefer CHANEL” “love Gucci” and “buy me”. The obvious statement of the “anti consuming” were the Price tags that were left on the clothes on purpose.

After I’ve seen what the local industry can offer I must suggest that a long with the shoes, wine (port) and the beautiful porcelain tiles Portugal can defiantly add men and menswear fashion to its list of their top exports.

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