LA Fashion Week

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Photos: Oly Shamrik / TLV Birdie

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Ahhh, at last, I made it to Hollywood the entertainment center of the world, the oscars, the Grammys and golden globes just ended but the red carpet here is always ready for action. This time its Fashion Week that is catching the attention of the crowd. Like in many international Fashion Weeks around the globe this is not the only one happening, LA is hosting and I lost count after the 3rd one but curious to see what it has to offer. LA has become the most talked about place in the last couple of years major brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Stella Mccrtney, Tom Ford and even the extremely British Burberry chose LA to be the backdrop to their recent shows. Hollywood after all is known for important elements that had a huge impact on fashion, the red carpet established here with the old hollywood glamour of the movie stars and how can we forget the street wear movement, this is where the skateboard was created, and let’s not forget the music scene and how much it inspired fashion through the years until this day. Such contrasted cultures can only co exist in harmony here.

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Driving to the Fashion Week venue on Sunset Boulevard in sunny weather looking at palm trees go by made me understand why Heidi Slimane insists to design/create/live here and refuses to even hear the word “Paris”and why you won’t find Jeremy Scott in Milano any time soon even though he is the creative director of one of the biggest Italian houses, they prefer to live in a state of freedom & sunshine rather than in grey and cold environment and frankly, I don’t blame them.

With some help from local fashion experts and designers I set up a goal to discover what makes LA so potential to big fashion brands as well as young talents, is the fashion scene here ready to move on from it’s cliche plunging cleavages and tight fitting dresses and move on to a new edgier and modern way of dressing?

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The new hot spot. So what is it that makes everyone talk about LA?

“I think LA is the next fashion capital, all the celebrities, musicians are here a lot of stylists, photographers and also young talents, I think LA Fashion Week will become one of the most important fashion events in the world” – George Styler

“I think as a young designer and a creative person I have more possibilities here, I have more space and more freedom to create compared to other cities, it is easier to manufacture here because LA has a big production/sewing industry, there are a lot of brands (even established ones with large budgets) that are moving their production here, it makes more financial sense” – Alnea Farahbella head designer at LA based brand Toit Volant.

“I think fashion reached a certain peak in places like Paris or New York, it’s almost too obvious & people today are looking for something new and if LA is lacking or behind the industry from the rest of the world it just means we have space here for new talents and ideas, so why not bring it here?”- Edwin Haynes Designer of Sav Noir

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Denim shorts, jersey T shirt, trainers and a hat – Defining the LA style

“I come from London where fashion is a lot more “forward” than here, I just wish to bring that edge and avant garde from London to LA, I wish to see the celebrities wearing more edgy pieces and less glamorous and old fashioned, they need to explore new designers and stay away from the “cliche” style. This city is ready for that change” – George Styler

“LA style, I would say very easy going and relaxed, it’s all about casual and relaxed wear here, probably good jeans t shirt and a hat would be the ultimate LA style” – Alnea Farahbella head designer at LA based brand Toit Volant

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Where is the fashion? Judging by the guests of the event and the street style around the area LA is still very much behind the global trends and fashion here is not so much a factor of being cool after all the only guests I saw who were dressed on trend were Russian.

So where is the fashion here?

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“Europe is a very difficult market at the moment, people are not spending like they used to, and the is a real threat and concern in people’s life, luxury fashion is not a priority in Europe right now. I love bringing my European and more tailored esthetic to the casual LA style” – Esther Perbandt

“I think it’s a slow change, it is defiantly getting there, I think soon it will be in sync with the global fashion conversation but for now LA is has its own voice and vision which makes it interesting” Alnea Farahbella head designer at LA based brand Toit Volant

“I don’t think it’s necessarily “behind” I think it’s just different, different taste there are people who are on trend and there are people who are creating trends here you won’t see anywhere else, I think it’s a different approach to how you dress here mainly because of the relaxed life style and the hot weather” – James Flemons Designer of Phlemuns

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I finished this week in a big optimistic conclusion, it seems as if LA is in a process of getting over it’s bad image and going through a sort of fashionable and cultural renaissance is happening here, to many this town is still known for a a more volgar and debatable taste levels but all that is in the past, the amount of amazing stores, designers and artists who are coming here are changing all that old perspective of LA, and if you are brave enough to get on a 15 hour flight all the way here expect to be pleasantly surprised.

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