Cucu Hotel

Location: Cucu Hotel 83 Dizengoff st. Tel Aviv
Photos by: Liya Geldman
Make Up by: Hair & Make Up Express
Jewelry by: Mauboussin
What I am wearing: Dresses by Peter Pilotto & Ellery, bags by Anya Hindmarch, shoes by Sophia Webster shoes. All clothes available at Helga Design

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In the hopes of making you laugh extra hard this time, I teamed up with the funniest hotel this town has ever seen – The Cucu hotel, because it matched my cucuness so damn well (insert smily face here) you can see for yourselves!

anya hindmarch 5

Jokes aside, we all know that there is always someone thinner, prettier, younger maybe even more sexier than us out there, yes ladies, such is life. Let’s just say that in my case, you may have longer legs than mine, perhaps you could somehow posses a dreamier wardrobe or your fitness routine may be much more on point then my current one, but there’s just one thing I dare you beat me in, and that’s being funny! Sense of humor is my (not so) secret weapon & that’s dear audience, is what got me to where I am today, (literally) because this post is dedicated to all things funny – in the “Ha Ha” sense of the way.

mauboussin 2

While growing up I watched every sitcom that aired in that time, pretty much religiously (including all the re-runs too) perhaps that would be the reason why I developed such humorous approach to life. For example, I memorized every SNL sketch starting from the year 1995 to date (I even attended the show last year as a proud groupie!), I speak in Larry David quotes to some of my friends plus my instagram feed now contains more memes than ever.

moody roza 3

In case you wondered I’m not American but I certainly joke like one. I take my jokes seriously but not afraid to be silly from time to time, I’ll even take a witty man over a handsome one any day, the rule is that if you can’t give me the giggles you can’t get my loving, even my Tinder profile states that.

tel aviv food 4

There is a whole bunch of amusing women who played a big part in my ever-evolving sense of humor, starting from Hollywood legend Mea West going all the way to fashion icon Alexa Chung, girls who can make the grumpiest crowd (I mean fashion people) burst into laughter always stay on top of their game! Funny iconic women who are/were also stylish are a rare breed, because as you may know fashion may not always be so receptive of a good joke. Besides, if I have to choose in what way I’ll go down in history I think I rather be remembered as the funny one and not necessarily the pretty or the well dressed one.

ellery dress

sophia webster sneakers

CUCU Hotel is the quirky new kid on the (Tel Avivian) block, not only it’s well located, well decorated and friendly staffed it also gathers great local talents in the aim of making everyone’s stay a fun and unforgettable experience.
The hotel joined forces with top local illustrators Roih de Lange, Liora Zemelman and ceramic master Sivan Sternbach to create a place that will make you smile as soon as you enter and will be sad to leave.
Cucu hotel is seriously totes adorbes in every sense of the way!!

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