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Photos by Elad Baranga

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It might sound a little pretentious (I hope not too much) I see myself as somewhat an ambassador of my city, I give endless recommendations on where to go and what to do in Tel Aviv from my followers/readers as well as international friends. To make things easier for both sides I teamed up with Cool Cousin to help you navigate through my favorite places in Tel Aviv on your next trip here.

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Cool Cousin is a Tel Aviv based startup that aims to revolutionize the way people travel. Instead of relying on mass recommendations sourced through semi-sophisticated algorithms, the platform helps you plan a better trip with trustworthy recommendations from like-minded locals at your next travel destination.

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In a world that is rapidly changing and overflowing with information, you need someone you can trust to show you the path to a better, more unique, travel experience. I am too tired of mediocre and biased recommendations tailored to every average Joe and having a real person who shares my interests and who knows the perfect spots for travelers like myself. With Cool Cousin, you can have someone like that anywhere in the world.

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The app features incredibly divers and interesting people in cities around the world. All you need to do is browse Cool Cousin’s community of cool locals at your city of choice, select someone who shares your interests, get their list of recommendations, and reach out to your new cousin for a local’s advice – while planning your trip or on the go.

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Cool Cousin is now in beta in Tel Aviv and available in Apple’s App Store. Download it now and for a limited time only, add as many cousins as you want – For Free!

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