Brown Beach House

“No, you are not in Miami Roza, you are still in Tel Aviv”. This is what I had to tell myself when I first entered Brown Beach House. The opening of this new tropical themed hotel has been much anticipated by local & global voyagers who just like me, been waiting a modern and chic hotel to appear on the old fashioned hotel scene of our local beach strip.

Finally, August 2015 came along and boom, here it is: the coolest hotel we’ve seen by the beach in years. The Brown Beach House is the perfect combination of everything that is cool and shabby about Tel Aviv and has that classic, glamorous beachside feel of hotels in major resort towns. In other words this is the perfect location for shooting this post and for your next stay.

There are many details here that make the Brown Beach House one of the coolest hotels in Tel aviv. Firstly, I adore the fact that t’s all about tropicana (If you’ve been following my posts and my adventures on Instagram then my obsession with palm trees won’t be new to you). The hotel is designed in a lush and eclectic nature, flavored with specially crafted furniture and vintage pieces collected in nearby markets. The mix of black and white textiles, the yellow velvet chesterfield sofas and tropical hints of color and graphics stole my heart the second I touched down in my suite.

The Flamingo Caffe that is located on the lower roof of the hotel has a cuban 50’s vibe & looks like it’s set to be the ultimate cocktail bar of summer 2015 (or what ever is left of it).
If by any chance you find yourself driving through Ha Yarkon street watch out for the pink flamingo neon sign, it’s time to stop the car and have a mojito!

With the Mediterranean sea at your door step & copacabana on your mind
the Brown Beach House should defiantly be on your minds when booking your next stay in Tel Aviv.

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Photos by Liya Geldman
Clothes by Liron Itzhakov & Helga Design

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