A technologically Advanced Advise

moody roza A technologically Advanced Advise (14)

The Place: Regus Ramat Ha Hayal Tel Aviv
Photographer: Elad Baranga
Watch by: Neuhaus Jewelry, Rings by Le Corone Israel, Glasses by Erroca
Thank you Jo Malone London.

moody roza A technologically Advanced Advise (13)

Keeping up with new technology is mandatory if you conceder yourself a progressed lifestyle and fashion blogger. In this position you have to be the first to know what’s new and exciting out there, this will increase your chances of being a better digital influencer and be a trendsetter. Saying so, I must admit, that reading about all the latest gadget and apps does get a little stressful, and I am not saying that I am a complete Technophobe but I find it hard to keep up with it all. In order to avoid technological overwhelment (yes it’s a real term!) I prepared a list of 5 gadgets and tools that will help you improve your blogging skills.

  1. There aren’t many bloggers in the world that still shoot with their phone, no reason for you to stay behind. Get your self a WIFI Camera! Wireless cameras can do wonders to your blog and your social media, they aren’t the cheapest but hey neither are you! Invest in a good camera and watch your followers grow! There are few kinds that are popular with fellow fashion bloggers, the Sony Alpha or the more economically sensible Sony DSCWX220/N. Here is a good read about these types of cams for you to choose from.
  2. Portable phone charger – Because no one likes the sad low battery face on their snapchat! My phone is like an extension of my arm, with constant messaging, emailing, chatting and feed checking our phone batteries have shorter lives than a blink, make sure you are always fully charged and carry a portable charger in your designer purse.

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  1. The designer/ personalized phone case – You prod of being a well dressed person with a good taste, so why not dress your phone as well? For practical and photogenic reasons collect stylish iphone cases that not only going to protect your phone from crashing into bubbly champaign but also look chic in photos. These ones by Candies are my and Anna Dello Russu’s favorites: candies-gifts.com
  2. Get a photo editing app and stick to it! No one is posting a photo straight from their phone or camera without giving your cheek bones a bit of a digital glow. It took me a while to find my favorite filer and app and now that I found it my feed looks more coherent and more recognizable with me, loyalty (to your filter and in general) pays off.
  3. What time is it? Who knows? My battery is dead and I am late for my shoot! The solution? A super techy watch that’s is going to replace your diary. Never be late to a meeting and look like a super pro with a stylish wrist candy that also tells time!

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